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What is included in the debt to income calculation?

Find out what is included in your Debt to Income and how it affects your Mortgage

Annette Bui | Updated June 18, 2020 | Mortgage Programs 101
Debt to income is your monthly gross income based on the last two year average amount. This is conservatively always the base and excluding any overtime, commission, bonus unless you have at least two years history of receipt and trending upwards in the most recent year. If you have the year end paycheck stubs for the last two years, this is always the best way to be able to use the extra income. Items included in your debt to income on the front end will be the mortgage expense, taxes, insurance, association dues. Where as the backend is the total of all expenses including credit card debts (minimum payment), student loans, personal loans, child support, tax lien repayments, any solar panel payments.


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