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Tips & Tricks to Save $ on paperwork

Tips & Tricks to Save Money on paperwork Annette Bui| Updated February 28, 2020 |  Mortgage Programs 101 Everyone knows the loan process requires an abundance of paperwork. One of the things to keep in mind to make sure this is seamless is by keeping these tips and tricks in mind. The tip to saving out of pocket costs when you send documentation to your lender is to go to a local library. They typically have services where you can scan the documents into a scanner and email them to yourself and your lender. I highly recommend calling the front desk at the library to verify they can do this and they can walk you through the process. It is usually free depending on the location instead of paying up to 10 cents per page at Kinko's. Tax Returns-I find many clients have issues sending a large 30-40 page document over. For those who are not technology savvy, the best way to go around this is to have your CPA fax or email this directly to your agent. Make sure all pages an