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Pursuit of home loan health & happiness…a place where heart, sweat & soul makes for happily financed homeowners.   There is a misconception in our society today that mortgage is about a sale. To me, it is about growth and fostering relationships, all a home loan does is act as a vehicle to get your family from where you are now to where your future financial goals take you. My vision is to build a haven of knowledge, tools and resources to empower clients with what they need to make a smart and savvy decision. Often, numbers will speak for itself and with significant benefit.   I can create enough savings and deliver value in a way that keeps clients coming back.

Am I getting a Stimulus Check?

How do I know if I will get a Stimulus Check? Annette Bui| Updated May 11, 2020 |  Mortgage Programs 101                Just because you are not required to pay taxes does not mean you are disqualified from receiving a stimul us check. During these hard times, it is important to sit down and review all your resources. Find out if you can still receive relief even if you have not filed taxes for being under the income threshold. Visit and click on "non-filers" This web page will allow for you to enter in basic information to the IRS to calculate and estimate if you qualify. You can enter in information to receive funds via pre-paid card (recommended) it can be mailed.  Beware of scammers, there is no cost or charge to these services!  Yes, but you will need to visit and then click on “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here. n.d. (25 April 2020).Economic Stimulus Checks. Retrieved from

Annette's Story

About Me Originally from Huntington Beach, CA, I have always been a beach girl at heart. I have been very fortunate to grow up in a place where I get to enjoy both ocean and mountain views, be within a short drive to amazing culture from mom and pop Vietnamese food shops to the performing arts and comedy clubs. Being sandwiched between urban Los Angeles and San Diego, to me Orange County is where my story begins. A place where my parents met halfway across the world only to find out they were both from the same hometown. From the start of my career journey, I ventured in luxury retail as a brand ambassador to marketing coordinator for a magazine distribution company. Finally, I discovered my true calling for the mortgage and real estate atmosphere because of my passion for creating ways to build the American dream. I believe with hard work, dedication and pouring my heart and soul into my business is the ultimate recipe for success. My mom is my hero and making her proud is the

If financial freedom is a priority for the all-American Dreamer, you might want to read this!

If financial freedom is a priority for the all-American Dreamer, you might want to read this! Annette Bui| Updated May 11, 2020 |  Mortgage Programs 101 If getting to the bottom of your budget is on your to do list, now is the time get your savings road-map in order. You might just find that you get a much bigger savings on both time and money by refinancing your home mortgage. A refinance can save you money to create additional cash flow and then save you thousands in interest over the life of the loan. There is an abundance of benefits for refinancing your home loan such as lifetime savings on interest. Reduce interest rate The top reason is to take advantage of a lower interest rate. The savings on an interest rate reduction of 0.5% or more can create a substantial savings that you can allocate elsewhere from monthly expenditures, an upcoming tuition or car expense. If your credit score has improved since buying your home, then that hard work might just pay off and

“Will my credit score drop if I pull my credit?”

·   “Will my credit score drop if I pull my credit?” ·            Annette Bui| Updated May 11, 2020 |  Mortgage Programs 101 ·                        This is a very common thing I get asked every day. The answer is quite simple. It all depends on the number of times your credit is pulled. In addition to the number of new accounts you opened within the last 12-month period. How many late payments you have had more than 30 days in the last 12-month period. How many credit cards that are close to or over the maybe even over the limit. Credit score factors are all dependent on the layers of risk factors. The more it seems you really need credit to maintain cash flow, the higher risk and higher percentage of credit used will affect your scores. Overall, when you are shopping for a mortgage.                  Any inquiries that you have within a 45 day window will be consolidated as one pull. The credit bureaus implement this to ensure you are not tied to the first lender you speak wi

My Mission

My Mission Devoted to delivering best-in-class service and local market expertise, with communication and transparency every step of the way. Inspired by an inclusive culture, where every one of my clients has the support and resources to make the most important choices for their financial future. My efforts to streamline the mortgage transaction is reinforced by my passion to empower homeowners and enrich lives around making homes loans easy, to endorse a deep-rooted culture of innovation, a fundamental commitment to equity and belonging, and world-class benefits